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Design and Development

With more than 25 years of experience Center Stage has been designing custom made apparel, headwear and accessories for some of the most influential brands across a variety of industries.

Our in house design team provides seasonal trend forecasting services tailored to each of the industries that we support. The key to our development success is our detail-oriented, highly experienced, product specialists.

Our developers are trained in domestic and overseas production and approach every project equipped with countless years of individual and institutional knowledge.

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Sourcing and Production

With quality at the forefront, Center Stage has cultivated and maintained long-term partnerships with hand-selected, best in class factories in each of our product categories.

We present current on-trend silhouettes, swatches and trims to streamline production and work closely with our clients through each stage, involving them in approvals and preproduction sampling as well as keeping them updated regarding timelines and delivery.

Center Stage defines success not as designing a great item or even making a great proto samples, but rather as delivering our customers production goods that exceed their expectations.

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Black baseball cap with a white stripe along the bill of the hat and Center Stage across the top.

Custom Headwear

Center Stage’s import headwear program offers customers a fully customizable solution. Our combined 30+ years of headwear experience allows us to easily present the latest headwear trends and suggest top selling hats for your brand.

As well as a fully custom design, you can also personalize subtle features such as the inner tape, labelling and other branding elements. If you want to make a bold statement with your branded caps, you can even have signature fabrics developed just for you.

Upon placing your purchase order, you will receive pre-production samples within 2-4 weeks followed by bulk order delivery in 6-9 weeks. 

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Different color and style Center Stage logo t-shirts.


Center Stage offers quick turnaround domestic apparel as well as fully customizable overseas cut and sew programs. We have an extensive archive of design inspiration to help with development from body styles, fabrics, and embellishment techniques.

We pay attention to the trends & details and know the balance between creativity and consumer appeal. Our 20+ years of garment experience and our long standing manufacturing partners allow us to deliver on time, on brand and on price high-quality goods.

For domestic programs we can turn around orders in as little as 1 week. For overseas cut & sew programs you will receive pre-production samples within 2-4 weeks followed by bulk order delivery in 8-12 weeks.

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